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Each year, the Animal Science Club awards at least three $500 scholarships to active members. These awards are available to Club members who have not previously received the scholarship.
According to our constitution:
Article IX. Scholarships

Section 1: Number of Scholarships to be Awarded
A. The Club's goal is to present three $500 scholarships each year.
B. At any time the Club deems it economically feasible and acceptable, the number and/or amounts of scholarships may be increased.

Section 2: Requirements
The scholarship shall be open to active Club members as outlined in Article XI who have not previously received the scholarship and who are rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors (or rising second year Ag Institute students), in any major, and who will be full time students the following academic year.
All candidates will be required to complete an application that will give the opportunity to detail Club leadership, financial need, and scholarship. The Selection Committee will base their selections on Club leadership and activities, with a maximum of 50 points available; financial need with a maximum of 25 points; and academics with a maximum of 25 points. Each applicant should have a minimum GPA of 2.25 or more.

Section 3: Selection
The Scholarship Committee shall consist of 3 current Club advisors and graduating seniors choosing to participate.
All awarded scholarships shall be paid from the general checking account or the scholarship fund. Monies donated to the club for the specific purpose of scholarships will be used only for that purpose.

A scholarship application form is attached. If you have recently been an active member of the Club and meet the criteria described above, please consider applying for one of these scholarships.  


Note: Financial need, GPA and scholarship information (Page 1 of application) will only be considered by the advisers and will not be available to the remainder of the selection committee.

Scholarship Form